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7 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Browse Protection


"Sure, we know a lot of things, but our knowledge of browse protection options is surprisingly limited so we called in some expert help.

Thanks to Timo Scheiber, Operations Manager, Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd. who answered our questions and gave us his educated opinion.

Timo is reluctant to call himself a subject matter expert, but because he’s worked for Brinkman’s for over 25 years and they’ve planted an impressive 1 billion+ trees around the planet, we’re happy to call Timo an expert and grateful to have him share his experience."

No Man is an Island #2: Outpourings of Action for Faraz


By all accounts, Faraz Khodabandeh was a remarkable person, both a larger-than-life character and a respected up-and-coming leader in the Brinkman community. He thought deeply and cared deeply about the tree-planting experience and what it meant for the people involved, and he faithfully shared those thoughts with his friends and fellow planters, earning himself a reputation as a wilderness philosopher and modern Renaissance man. When Faraz’s life was tragically and prematurely cut short by a road accident on November 10th, 2013, the collective response was grief, but also action. Something about Faraz compelled his friends and family to take steps to preserve a lasting legacy for him.