Robert Seaton

Robert has worked in all aspects of forestry for 45 years, 35 of them with the Brinkman Group. Robert is Brinkman’s Chief Science Officer, focusing on ecosystem, forest and carbon modelling, and Indigenous land management. He has developed forest carbon accounting protocols and delivered carbon offset projects which help to fund innovative, ecosystem-based management of ecologically significant forest areas.

Robert has developed many protocols, including a REDD methodology under the Voluntary Carbon Standards for the World Bank BioCarbon Fund 2010 and a risk mitigation carbon asset structure for REDD carbon assets in British Columbia, Canada, in 2010. In addition, Robert has worked on many international forest carbon projects, including projects in Zambia, Indonesia, Tanzania, Honduras and Colombia.

Robert has also had interesting careers in art and dance and has served on the boards of a number of arts organizations.  Robert resides on Gabriola Island when not working on field projects.