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Brinkman Forest Ltd. Contributes to SFU's Executive MBA in Aboriginal Business Leadership Program


For over a decade Brinkman Forest Ltd. has been fortunate enough to work with First Nations communities in northwest British Columbia, forming strong partnerships that create value and spur economic development in the region. Traditionally these partnerships focused on the management of forest resources, which remains the core of what Brinkman Forest Ltd. offers its clients today.

Brinkman Planter vs Conan O'Brien: Doing Something that Matters



Recently Brinkman & Associates Reforestation veteran tree planter, Yanou Faucher, filmed a fan response on his Iphone while on a coastal cut block and submitted it to Conan O’Brien's late night talk show. Yanou’s dry comic delivery and the picturesque setting of Vancouver Island led to it being showcased on Conan for a segment called Fan Corrections. Conan’s writers devised an elaborate comedy skit rebuttal to Yanou, where at one point Conan to know how to plant trees better than Yanou (who is trees away from hitting his millionth this year), instructing Yanou that slash piles won't grow: “you can’t just chop them up and make a big stack!” But in my opinion all the props, production and professional comic writers, can’t top Yanou’s razor sharp finishing line, “I’m going back to doing something that matters!”

Watch it here on the Brinkman Treeplanter’s Hub and decide for yourself whether you think Conan or Yanou had the last laugh.

Either way, way to go Yanou for going head to head with one of the world’s most popular comics and representing all tree planters with comic class. 


Tales from the Front Lines of an Ecological Civilization: Brinkman Newsletter Letter from the Editor


By Erik Brinkman, Communications & Special Projects Coordinator

For better or for worse, humans have become the globally dominant species, not surprising for earth’s most complex super-cooperator. Our unique blend of specialization, creativity, and cooperation combined with an insatiable biological self-interest, has resulted in an unparalleled collective capacity to bend the earth’s systems to our will. Or so we believe.

Now our industrial civilization’s unintended side effects threaten the critical balance on which the future of all human well-being depends. This newsletter is an acknowledgement to the people working hardest to turn this situation around — to create an ecological civilization that consciously nurtures the biosphere’s future.

In these pages you’ll read about the artists, warriors, greeners and specialists that make up the Brinkman family. From tropical rain forests to treacherous cutblocks, each of us is engaged in a different aspect of the same epic task: restoring the balance that every living thing depends on.

At Brinkman we continually seek to identify and enhance undervalued or missing landscape benefits. We partner with First Nations on the front-lines of sustainable resource stewardship, ensuring maximum benefit to the local communities while responsibly managing the ecosystems we rely on. Every tree we plant restores resilience to our forests, soils, and ecosystems. Every project we complete reinforces an essential truth: in restoring each local ecosystem we restore ourselves, our children and our future.
The economy and the environment are often pitted against one another, but there can be no long-term growth without sustainability. So it is our job to reconcile the two through the building of an Ecological Civilization.

There are thousands of incredible, and heartfelt teaching stories to tell along this journey. From the newly caulked boots grappling the wet cliff slash on the Coast of B.C. to the CEO’s holey socks in sandals at an international climate convention, this newsletter is a snapshot of the last year’s many adventures. It is an honour to work alongside the ecological civilization-building employees of the Brinkman Group.

Let’s go let’s go let’s go!

Dirk's 2014 Greeting of Gratitude: Building an Ecological Civilization


By Dirk Brinkman, CEO and Co-Founder Brinkman Group

It is with great gratitude for the incredible individuals with which I am privileged to work, that I awoke into the first workday of 2014. By virtue of your incredible capacity, dedication, integrity and commitment, the Brinkman Group has lead local sustainable solutions over 40 some years.

Brinkman First Aid Responder and Cook Save Lives: The Miracle of a Chance iPod Malfunction


By Lumi Faucher

There is no way in hell anyone else could see that truck from the road. Only a chance iPod malfunction could’ve made someone stop at that particular spot, a very dodgy curve on a relatively unsafe highway. So I head down the embankment to the horrific scene at the bottom, a destroyed vehicle with two people trapped inside. The truck had stopped on its side with a man and a woman stuck, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and no-see-ums, injured and completely dehydrated.

No Man is an Island: Faraz Khodabandeh Remembered


By Erik Brinkman

We gathered en mass on November 19th 2013 at East and West parallel memorials, to celebrate the life of Faraz Khodabandeh. Hundreds of souls who had been touched by the inimitable energy of a rare modern renaissance man shared stories, photos and memories. This knee-buckling slideshow, Faraz Khodabandeh 1984-2013, made up of a mosaic of photos and quotes submitted by his innumerable friends and loving family was viewed at the events. Man was he ever photogenic. 


Welcome to Costa Rica: ¡BIENVENIDOS A BARCA!


By Betsy Barcus

You have braved plane travel, sloshed through torrential rains, avoided possible landslides and flooding (especially if you took the coastal highway past Parrita), and survived the famous Costa Rican roads.

Welcome to Salamá, the headquarters for our Costa Rican Operations!