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Renewing Costa Rica's Rainforests: Growing and Planting Native Species


By Ricardo Luján

Hola mis amigos! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ricardo Lujan. Since 1996 I have had the honour of being the Chief Forester for BARCA, Brinkman’s Central American division. I live in the sunny and rainy South of Costa Rica (Perez Zeledón) and travel routinely between Costa Rica and Panama overseeing quality and silvicultural best practices throughout our suite of diverse projects.


Work or Play?: To Plant or Not to Plant


By Matt Brady

It’s generally in July that I attempt the same lie, year after year. Friends just shake their heads, knowing the truth behind the words. It might start as a mutter, a murmur or a muffled whisper, but eventually I’m telling everyone in a building crescendo – “this is it guys, my last season.” 

Migrating North: From Nicaragua to Terrace


When my family and I moved up to Terrace from Nicaragua to work for Brinkman Forest Ltd, the forestry industry was at the lowest point of its downturn; the two existing pulp mills in the region were just shutting down and there was no other alternative forestry industry around.

I thought… hmm! This does not seem to be too promising up here. Willing to do whatever forestry work was there, I started helping with the layout and traversing of cutblocks and taught GIS to three of the forestry crew members. A few months later, Brinkman Forest  Ltd. and Coast Tsimshian Resources (CTR) managed to develop the Asian wood market and things became busier, so I became the forestry planner. We now have three people in the planning department. I have now been doing forestry planning for 3 ½ years, work that I enjoy doing, especially when I get out to the bush and get to see wildlife.

Brinkman Restoration Provides Living Infrastructure: Implementation of Sophisticated Landscape Development Methodologies, ie. "Make Things Green"


Brinkman Restoration works with urban planners, public utilities, civil constructors, governments and land management agencies to enhance and reinforce living infrastructure. As human population intensifies the pressure on life support systems, the need to recognize and ameliorate the effects intensifies as well. Brinkman Restoration serves a key function in the ongoing effort to bring effective approaches balancing professional management and implementation experience to diverse and complicated restoration challenges.

Brinkman Forest Ltd. Contributes to SFU's Executive MBA in Aboriginal Business Leadership Program


For over a decade Brinkman Forest Ltd. has been fortunate enough to work with First Nations communities in northwest British Columbia, forming strong partnerships that create value and spur economic development in the region. Traditionally these partnerships focused on the management of forest resources, which remains the core of what Brinkman Forest Ltd. offers its clients today.

Brinkman Planter vs Conan O'Brien: Doing Something that Matters



Recently Brinkman & Associates Reforestation veteran tree planter, Yanou Faucher, filmed a fan response on his Iphone while on a coastal cut block and submitted it to Conan O’Brien's late night talk show. Yanou’s dry comic delivery and the picturesque setting of Vancouver Island led to it being showcased on Conan for a segment called Fan Corrections. Conan’s writers devised an elaborate comedy skit rebuttal to Yanou, where at one point Conan to know how to plant trees better than Yanou (who is trees away from hitting his millionth this year), instructing Yanou that slash piles won't grow: “you can’t just chop them up and make a big stack!” But in my opinion all the props, production and professional comic writers, can’t top Yanou’s razor sharp finishing line, “I’m going back to doing something that matters!”

Watch it here on the Brinkman Treeplanter’s Hub and decide for yourself whether you think Conan or Yanou had the last laugh.

Either way, way to go Yanou for going head to head with one of the world’s most popular comics and representing all tree planters with comic class. 


Dirk's 2014 Greeting of Gratitude: Building an Ecological Civilization


By Dirk Brinkman, CEO and Co-Founder Brinkman Group

It is with great gratitude for the incredible individuals with which I am privileged to work, that I awoke into the first workday of 2014. By virtue of your incredible capacity, dedication, integrity and commitment, the Brinkman Group has lead local sustainable solutions over 40 some years.