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No Man is an Island: Faraz Khodabandeh Remembered


By Erik Brinkman

We gathered en mass on November 19th 2013 at East and West parallel memorials, to celebrate the life of Faraz Khodabandeh. Hundreds of souls who had been touched by the inimitable energy of a rare modern renaissance man shared stories, photos and memories. This knee-buckling slideshow, Faraz Khodabandeh 1984-2013, made up of a mosaic of photos and quotes submitted by his innumerable friends and loving family was viewed at the events. Man was he ever photogenic. 


Welcome to Costa Rica: ¡BIENVENIDOS A BARCA!


By Betsy Barcus

You have braved plane travel, sloshed through torrential rains, avoided possible landslides and flooding (especially if you took the coastal highway past Parrita), and survived the famous Costa Rican roads.

Welcome to Salamá, the headquarters for our Costa Rican Operations!

Harvesting a Natural Resource to Save it: BARCA and the Comarca Embera Wounann in the Darian Province of the Republic of Panama


By Rigoberto Dagaiza

Since 2008 BARCA Panama has supported and worked for the Embera Wounaan People in the Darien Gap. Ne-drua, (Land of Richness in Embera language), was created back in September 2009 as an economic development arm of the Congreso General Embera Wounaan, the traditional governing body of the Comarca Embera Wounaan of Darien Province. The Embera and Wounaan people are the third largest indigenous group in the Republic of Panamá, located in the eastern part of the country border with Colombia. Ne-drua Wounaan territory, called Comarca, has some 430,000 hectares, where more than 95% is pristine rain forest jungle; this is the most valuable asset the Embera and Wounaan possess today.

Seven Ravens and a Life of Planting Trees: From Nanaimo Lakes to Kenya


By Michael Nickels

Four days later we met Dirk at a camp just outside of Cassidy near Nanaimo Lakes. The following morning he took Pat and I to the clearcut block and said, "So I know you've never planted before, so here is how it is done. Follow me, pay attention and keep up!" We followed as Dirk went into Ninja-mode slicing his way like the Tasmanian Devil through bush and slash, wildly flailing his mattock.


Salute to Lisa Houle: A Forest Safety Ambassador


By Timo Scheiber

Many of Lisa’s positions with Brinkman were created just for her, to make sure we got the best from her considerable skills at any given time. So, as many of us have, she grew in her career with the company and took on new challenges and greater responsibility. 

Lee Maxwell Retires: A Collection of Appreciation


By Erik Brinkman

Whatever the job, Lee was up to the challenge, Brinkman was expanding, and had work enough for her talents, She was sent to the field to avert disasters, Serious, stressful situations, punctuated by bursts of laughter, She was sent to Northern Alberta to recruit planters,She was sent to audit supervisors' books and improve standards. Some people lead with their guts, and act on intuition, So Lee was tough, but friendly, the smiling inquisition, She made sure the numbers reconciled and made sense, While my dad continued his world domination plans

2013 Season Overview from Judi Tetro: Adventures in Eastern Canada


By Judi Tetro, Eastern Canada Operations Manager

What is The East? Well, in Brinkman and Associates Reforestation terms, The East comprises the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Please, please don’t tell anyone who lives in Alberta or Saskatchewan that we include them in The East… we will be tarred and feathered – and likely shunned and booted out of those provinces!

That aside, The East has the most fun and is the best place to work of all the regions! Ok, maybe we shouldn’t tell people who plant in BC that [totally true fact] either.

The East planted a lot of trees in 2013, surveyed thousands of hectares, burned hundreds of slash piles, and ‘greened’ the highway right-of-ways of Southern Ontario.

Report from Ben Bradford's Crew: Be Nice and Make Money in Northern Ontario: PLUS! a Snapshot of Hornepayne in Quotes


There are many challenges associated with working in Ontario, and in the 2013 season I think our crew faced them all! Despite the freezing rains and snow of early May, the sweltering heat of July, a seemingly endless flu pandemic, mosquitos that swarmed like blackflies, broken busses, Alberta-style gumbo roads and a crew made up of 95% greeners, we managed to pull it off!

I’d like to thank my amazing staff. If it weren’t for all your hard work training up our new planters, and doing it all with a smile, we would have never succeeded! A huge thank you to everyone who planted in my camp in 2013 as well, you truly embodied our camp rules of “Be Nice, and Make Money!”