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Eagle Training Camp 2013: Robin's Crew Winning in Manitoba


By Robin McCullough

For those of you who haven’t heard, our crew is one giant Eagle. I am the Eagle Eyes, because I see everything. Always watching, always thinking. Our tree deliverers are the Eagle’s Talons, always ahead of the crew, always reaching forward. Our cooks are the Eagle’s Heart and Stomach; no one goes anywhere without the strength we draw from our cooks. Our crewbosses are the Eagle’s bones, guiding our daily flights, adapting to change, coordinating our hunt. And our planters, our warriors, the engine of this machine – they are our Eagle feathers. Small feathers when they first get off the bus, bigger feathers every bagup, every day.

Matt's B.C. Interior Breakdown: 12 Million Trees in Mini-Facts


By Matt Robertson, BC Regional Manager

This past 2013 season in the central Interior where the camps I work with call home was great season. It was a season where in nine weeks 12 million trees were planted by rookies of future promise, grizzled vets and overseen by an exceptionally talented core of staff. Somehow in the middle of all this, great parties were thrown, cameraderie abounded and acts of generosity were born.

Dawn's Gypsy Caravan Crew: From 70 Mile to Whitecourt, 3000km and Counting


By Dawn Brinkman

The 2013 season was one to be reckoned with. Our gypsy caravan of a crew covered 3000km, from the southern semi-arid Cowboy interior to the Northern heights of the Stikine valley to the oilfield swamps of Northern Alberta. It was a long and lucrative season for the crew, and we had an outstanding team on staff, happy clients, and a great vibe in camp.

This is the PG Fir Camp and Life is Good: PLUS! John Beaton's Coastal Tour: Where there are Mountains Underwater and Underwater Mountains


By John Beaton, Supervisor/ Coastal Coordinator

The Fir Camp. 2013. Prince George. The sun is coming up as the steam rises from your 3rd cup of coffee. You’re about to load up again, but you’re ready. It was a good season and already, though you may not have admitted it to yourself, you look forward to the next. Your mind loses focus when you think about the hard days, and seems to gain a crystal clarity when you remember the good, projecting those days to otherwise unreachable status. You are a planter in the Fir Camp, and life is good.

Timo's 2013 B.C. Overview: Encouraged by the Grassroots, Take-Charge Leadership of Brinkman Field Staff


By Timo Scheiber, BC Operations Manager

For me each ‘season’ is split into three overlapping phases: securing projects, plan & prepare, and operational. With that in mind each yearly cycle starts with our fall viewing / negotiating / bidding, rolls into the winter of planning and preparing for the upcoming work, and kicks off with the first trees in the ground at the end of February. However, the real emotional start is the mid-February western gathering-of-the-clans / project manager meeting usually held somewhere around Vancouver.

A Journey To the Mid-West Coast with Marc Robillard: Kwicksutaineuk-ah-kwa-mish


By Marc Robillard

Since 2007 I have been the lucky person to work with the First Nations people of Gilford Island. Several clients have hired us to remove browsing protectors also known as cones.

Gilford has a very large population of deer. The plantations we put in after logging were soon eaten up by ungulates. They especially like western red cedar. On Yeo Island you could sometimes see deer screefing and eating trees right behind you as you were planting. You often came back on your line and could not find the tree you just put in or it was just laying there out of its hole.

Brinkman Art Cache: Seasonal Worker Equals Non-Starving Artist


By Baba Brinkman

The life of an aspiring artist requires a fine balancing act between dedication to honing a craft that doesn’t pay much just yet, and working a “day job” to pay bills in the meantime. If only you could dedicate all your time to music/painting/jewelry/writing, the promised land of financial self-sufficiency would come so much sooner! That’s why artists have always been attracted to the seasonal magic of tree planting.

The Four Seasons: Heroes, Rogues and Warriors


By Carly Vandergriendt

We tell ourselves that we will never do it again, then scurry back to the cities, like rabbits scurrying back to their burrows. Back to bikes, apartments, computers. For a few weeks we stay drunk on summer, gasping for the last breath of it like drowning swimmers.