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Manitoba Conquest: My Prairie Planting Prayers are Answered


By Andrew Courtnage

Working in my home province has always been a dream of mine and I vividly remember many a night off somewhere in BC sitting around the fire drunkenly whispering in the ear of Dirk or John, “Bring Brinkman to the prairies. We are the center. We are the heart. We are the province that will bring the whole company together geographically." So when Robin McCullough informed me that she was running a planting show in the Sandilands, and that they were in need of a tree runner, I felt my proud prairie heart soar, finally my prairie prayers were answered.

Burning Man in Swan Hills: Sometimes it Takes a Sacrifice


By Pier Ouellette

The block that day was one of the best I had ever... BEEP.BEEP.BEEP

With my eyes still shut, I reach around to turn my alarm off. 5:55am. I unzip the door to my tent. A thick fog makes it impossible to see anything around me.

“Tabernacle!” (en.transl. “oh shoot!”) Now, a bit of fog in the morning before going to work usually does not inspire me to yell out religious profanity. However, we were working on a heli contract which meant we would not be able to fly out to the blocks.

I Wish I Was a Tunnel Bush: That Day at 100 Mile


By Ola Szczecinsk

One day was bad in particular. It began with the sun beating down on me, burning the back of my neck, top of my head and exposed forearms. The land was a giant slab of rock, into which I was forced to dig holes and plant, like in some cruel ancient Greek afterlife. There were also the tunnel bushes, as I called them, that covered seventy per cent of my piece: long giant things, seemingly from the Jurassic era, that snapped at me and whipped me in the face, smacked me in my thighs and threatened to gouge my eyes out, as I struggled to plant in the rock from which they miraculously grew. 

Coming Home: A Consideration of Camp Life


By Alex Robertson

Then, like an oasis slowly materializing out of an endless scorching desert, the enormously satisfying day of our release back into the world comes strolling along. We brace ourselves. We make plans. Some of us decide to prolong the journey by embarking on an off-season full of constant travel.

Welcome to Kitty Talk New Westminster: A Creative Tour of 520 Sharpe St.


By Kitty Ypma

Yes, you are right. Behind this address (with the company trained snail cleaning the 2) is the famous New West office of Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd. and I, the infamous tree counter Kitty Ypma, am your tour guide. Before I confuse everybody with names and positions I thought I would show you how people’s personalities are reflected by their decor.

Let’s go inside. Dirk Brinkman’s office is the first on the right. Don’t be shy, go on in, the CEO is not in today, and if he was he would invite you in with a grin.