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Coming Home: A Consideration of Camp Life


By Alex Robertson

Then, like an oasis slowly materializing out of an endless scorching desert, the enormously satisfying day of our release back into the world comes strolling along. We brace ourselves. We make plans. Some of us decide to prolong the journey by embarking on an off-season full of constant travel.

Longest Bag-up: We are Wild Things


By Jean-Francios Garrity

On cut blocks, out numbering our expectations, we are wild things, howling at the moon, we are trees, deeply rooted in rich soil

Freaks of Nature: A Greener's Journey to the Edge and Beyond


By Lisa Ewasko

There is something inexplicably regal about standing amongst the line of leftover giants on the top of the hills of a cut block, like the alleys of trees that line the roads to Versailles. A line of freaks that for whatever reason are still standing.

Welcome to Kitty Talk New Westminster: A Creative Tour of 520 Sharpe St.


By Kitty Ypma

Yes, you are right. Behind this address (with the company trained snail cleaning the 2) is the famous New West office of Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd. and I, the infamous tree counter Kitty Ypma, am your tour guide. Before I confuse everybody with names and positions I thought I would show you how people’s personalities are reflected by their decor.

Let’s go inside. Dirk Brinkman’s office is the first on the right. Don’t be shy, go on in, the CEO is not in today, and if he was he would invite you in with a grin.