Brinkman Group Joins Canadian Purpose Economy Project

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Brinkman Group Joins Canadian Purpose Economy Project


The Canadian Purpose Economy Project (CPEP) was established in 2022 with the goal of transitioning the Canadian economy towards a purpose led economy. The project aims to enable an environment where businesses can elevate their social purpose and continue to thrive with that purpose at the forefront, ultimately leading to an economy defaulting towards favouring social purpose. CPEP defines a social purpose business as “a company whose enduring reason to being is to create a better world… it is an engine for good, creating social benefits by the very act of doing business.”

In 2023, the project began to mobilize, and CPEP called to action, leading Canadian, purpose-driven CEOs to create and sign a Call to Purpose. Among the first was Brinkman Group's CEO, Erik Brinkman.

For over 50 years Brinkman Group has been guided by core values of achieving growth through ecosystem renewal and positive social impact. Brinkman Group’s Vision, To restore and add resilience to natural living systems in ways that enhance communities and economies, aligns meaningfully with the spirit of the CPEP, and together we will find greater ways to realize these goals.

Latest CPEP Resources released this week: