Brinkman Launches Oil Spill Eater II in BC, Alberta and Ontario

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Brinkman Launches Oil Spill Eater II in BC, Alberta and Ontario


Brinkman Group recently became a Canadian distributor and service provider of the world’s leading bioremediation product, “Oil Spill Eater II” (OSE II), introducing it to British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

Aligning with Brinkman’s purpose to restore earth's ecosystems using regenerative nature-based solutions, OSE Il stands out as an effective and environmentally safe remediation technology that harnesses nature's bioremediation process to efficiently eliminate hazardous materials. OSE II is a biological enzyme that converts waste into a natural food source for the existing bacteria in the environment, leaving only CO2 and water

Since 1989, the product has been successfully used in various applications. OSE II is used to remediate oil, chemical spills, contaminated soils, groundwater, and other hydrocarbon-based contaminants, such as PFASs, pesticides, PCBs, and dry-cleaning toxins. The US Coast Guard and US Navy use OSE II to mitigate oil spills.

In BC, Alberta, and Ontario, Brinkman collaborates with Oil Spill Eater International to develop custom protocols and provide the service and product to address the specific needs of each remediation project. For more information about OSE II, visit To discuss your remediation project, contact Brahm Candy @ [email protected].