Matt's B.C. Interior Breakdown: 12 Million Trees in Mini-Facts

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Matt's B.C. Interior Breakdown: 12 Million Trees in Mini-Facts


By Matt Robertson, BC Regional Manager

This past 2013 season in the central BC Interior where the camps I work with call home was a great season. It was a season where in nine weeks 12 million trees were planted by rookies of future promise, seasoned hitters and grizzled vets, overseen by an exceptionally talented core of staff. Somehow in the middle of all this, great parties were thrown, comradery abounded and acts of generosity were born.

Being a forestry athlete is a tough way to make a living, which is something that I don’t have to explain to you, but what I can do is relay some of the sheer scale of what was performed. Without sounding too evangelical, the accomplishments in a day of tree planting is miraculous.

Here are a few little “mini-facts” on some of what it took for the crews I work with to plant the 12 Million trees this season:

  • 45.5 Million Calories were burnt by the planters and staff
  • 25,650 meals were prepared by our cooks           
  • 51,200 Lbs of groceries were delivered to the four tents camps
  • 44 reefers delivered 12 million trees (one a day)
  • 40,000 boxes of trees were moved to the field in pickup trucks 
  • 8600 hectares were restored with seedlings, by hand.
  • 1.7 Million tonnes of Carbon by 2113 will have been sequestered on the 8600 Hectares (Thx Frederik!)
  • At least 102,000 liters of fuel was used to transport planters, trees and run camps. Your guess is as good as mine on the amount of fuel we burnt on the > 1 million heli trees planted.

So, to take a step back, a day of tree planting is a major feat and you’re the best at it!

Amongst all the logistics of the 12 million trees, our crews showed great moments of compassion where you folks donated trees to fellow planters in need who had personal health issues, and also to our reforestation cousins in Tanzania through Community Forests International. The funds from planted trees that have been donated not only have gone into reforestation on the Island of Pemba, but also into simple yet genius ideas on wood conservation. The funds have been used to redesign wood ovens for cooking that would require 40% less wood to be burnt and also for community solar battery banks where families share a solar generating station to charge batteries for their weekly power needs. These are simple but effective ways that your donation has been “spring boarding” change on the other side of the planet. This video is a thank you to Brinkman Planters directly from Pemba, Tanzania.

2013 was also a year of transition. In 2013 John Beaton stepped aside from the reins of the Fir Camp in Prince George and became Brinkman's Coastal Coordinator. For the last two weeks of the season, his crew was managed by Jeremy Cameron who looked very natural in the role. John’s legacy of ground breaking project management and development has allowed us to expand greatly and lead the way for all crews to continue client service improvements. Thank you John, you are the consummate professional.

Also in transition, Bryon Weddell has opted to take a different path in life from silviculture. Bryon has worked extremely hard to become an elite member of the skiing community and is now a heli ski guide. At present, he is reaping the rewards after a long work cycle and last we spoke there were a few places on the planet that needed him to go visit before snow season. Bryon joined Brinkman in 2002 with Paul Berg’s crew in Revelstoke. The batch of resident solid mentors in Revelstoke (Zip, Stevey, P. Bergo, etc) helped Brian become a fast planter in no time and because he learned in Revvie’s tough ground, he could plant anywhere. He acquired the nick name of “Hot Bryon” in 2007 which stuck to him for both his benefit and detriment until he acquired his next nick name. Bryon became a Project Manager for our 100 Mile contracts, and the forester was so impressed by him that he dubbed Bryon with his new name “The Future”! He is not only an excellent Project Manager with a keen and natural business sense, but his personality also always brings warmth and good humour to crews. Thank you for everything Bryon and we know your future path will be successful!  

I cannot thank you all enough for becoming part of the culture that looks out for each other`s health and wellbeing, not just at home but on all fronts. In my eyes you each stand tall. You are an amazing wilderness community, and I am so very proud of the privilege of serving you.

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